Sunday, April 4, 2010

Olympic gold medalist Björn Ferry our new Peak Oil ambassador

Olympic gold medalist Björn Ferry our new Peak Oil ambassador

One of the articles on the morning news on TV4 on Holy Saturday was a visit to the home of Sweden’s Winter Olympics gold medalist in biathlon Björn Ferry [website in Swedish] and his wife Heidi Andersson who is world champion in armwrestling [website in English]. During the discussion with Lasse Bengtsson, Heidi described how Björn, despite having a great sense of humour, also often discussed more serious matters. When asked what Björn liked to discuss the answer was, to my amazement, “what will happen when the oil declines”. Then Björn said that he personally is thinking ahead and planning for a future with less oil. Could it be so that one of Sweden’s most popular sportsmen knows about Peak Oil?

We were also informed that Björn and Heidi would celebrate Easter by skiing in the mountains. (It seems that Björn can never get enough skiing.) I took a chance and tried ringing Björn and I was very pleased when he answered. He knew very well who Kjell Aleklett is and, apparently, regularly reads my blog. My blog is part of what is called the “third mission” at my university which is to inform the broader community about our research so I was very glad to hear that he reads it. We discussed Peak Oil for a while and Björn told me that he also often discusses Peak Oil with many of those he meets during his travels. The most recent time was with one of Sweden’s leading politicians. He repeated some of the answers he received and we could both agree that we [as a community] still have a long way to go.

We who work with research on Peak Oil need ambassadors that can spread our message. It is a difficult message and to understand it requires that one studies the problem in some detail. Björn Ferry is definitely a perfect ambassador for Peak Oil and I hope that he has the opportunity to visit us at Uppsala University – there is a standing invitation open to him. I also think that the students at the Ångström Laboratory would appreciate hearing a presentation where Björn describes the struggle for gold in the ski-tracks and at the shooting range. It was fantastic to see Björn capture his gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver – to have such a champion as a comrade in the battle over Peak Oil feels very invigorating. I am certain that there are many of you that, via a comment Aleklett's Energy Mix, would like to congratulate Björn on his success, and to encourage him to discuss Peak Oil. (

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